Built from Many Stones

An Analysis of N. Winther–Nielsen and A.G. Auld on Joshua with Focus on Joshua 5:1 – 6:26, dissertation by Marieke E.J. den Braber

Professional Bible reading is an exclusive subject: it is a trade. The people who practise this trade professionally use respected research methodologies or develop their own. The Scottish scholar Graeme Auld and the Danish scholar Nicolai Winther-Nielsen did the latter. Their respective methods are very different, which was an extra reason to investigate these research methods. The central question is how the choice of data influences their method and analysis. An analysis and comparison of the methods of Winther-Nielsen and Auld for their respective readings of Joshua 5-6 shows their individual strengths and weaknesses. This study also explores what ‘stones’ the methods provide to ‘build’ a reading of the text in church and society, such as a sermon.

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