The Reader-Oriented Unity of the Book Isaiah

door Archibald L.H.M. van Wieringen

This monograph contains a reader-oriented analysis of the book lsaiah as a whole. This research shows that the implied reader is manipulated by a reader-oriented book structure in which a single spatial décor, a single arrangement of time, the prophetic role of lsaiah as both character and discursor/narrator and the roles ‘king’ and ‘enemy’ in various manifestations occur.The research is completed by an examination of the reader-oriented consequences for the diachrony of the book lsaiah, which results in a fresh theory about the development of the book lsaiah.


Additional Info

  • boek_id: sup. 6
  • plaats: Vught
  • prijs: nvt
  • status: Uitverkocht
  • pagina's: 306
  • isbn: 90 76564 40 X
  • jaar uitgave: 2006
  • uitgever: Skandalon
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