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Festschrift for Karel A. Deurloo

(ed. J.W. Dyk, P.J. van Midden, K. Spronk, G.J. Venema, R. Zuurmond)

A Liber Amicorum for Karel A. Deurloo, professor of Old Testament at the University of Amsterdam and guide to the biblical text for numerous students and scholars. Colleagues and friends offer him this book at the occasion of his official farewell to the University of Amsterdam. A compilation of articles in English, German and French is here presented: Biblical Theology, Exegesis and Liturgy, three areas in which Karel Deurloo has distinguished himself. This edition is an initiative of the Societas Hebraica Amstelodamensis. Karel Deurloo is one of the members of the Editorial Board of Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities (ACEBT).

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  • boek_id: sup. 2
  • plaats: Maastricht
  • prijs: 7,50
  • status: Beschikbaar
  • pagina's: 422
  • isbn: 90 423 0104 6
  • jaar uitgave: 2001
  • uitgever: Shaker
  • memo: nog slechts enkele exemplaren
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