The Rediscovery of the Hebrew Bible

(ed. J.W. Dyk, P.J. van Midden, K. Spronk, G.J. Venema)

To read the Bible as something unfamiliar, to let it speak anew, overwhelming us with its images and language, confronting us with its message, inviting us to respond – this is the challenge which occupies each of the authors of this volume. Various techniques for getting closer to the text of the Hebrew Bible are presented, and the results illustrate the fruitfulness of such an approach.

ACEBT Supplement Series 1 contains contributions by K.A. Deurloo, G.J. Venema, A. Blokker, P.J. van Midden, J. Dubbink, J.C. Siebert-Hommes, E. Talstra, K.A.D. Smelik and R. Zuurmond.

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  • boek_id: sup. 1
  • plaats: Maastricht
  • prijs: nvt
  • status: Uitverkocht
  • pagina's: 158
  • isbn: 90 423 0104 X
  • jaar uitgave: 1999
  • uitgever: Shaker
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